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14 Sep 2009

Promotion and Coordination of the Patagonia Volunteer Project

Patagonia Volunteer
Promotion and Coordination of the Patagonia Volunteer Project

Job type:

Non Profit, Community Service and Volunteering, International Cooperation, Network of Nonprofit Organizations

MAPU Association is a young non-profit, founded in Madrid, Spain, in April 2006. The main objective of MAPU Association is to encourage and promote cooperation and development projects within the Argentinean and Chilean Patagonia communities aimed at fostering the local self sufficiency, and at augmenting their resources and ability for positive and sustainable development.

Patagonia Volunteer is a program developed, in the frame of International Cooperation, by MAPU Association as a community, social and environmental development tool, to offer solutions to the locals’ needs, problems and social interests, and to contribute to fostering fairer relations between this southern region and the developed countries of the north.

MAPU Association seeks the cooperation of volunteers to help out on the daily tasks of MAPU in its Patagonia base in Argentina, in the city of Esquel, Chubut province. The main responsibilities of this volunteering placement include the coordination and assistance to volunteers travelling to Patagonia, as well as the regular communication with the local host organizations.

Regarding the coordination of volunteers, you will carry out the following tasks:

- answering e-mails in Spanish, English and/or German
- gathering and systematizing useful information for volunteers
- assisting and suggesting new material for the Orientation Workshop
- following-up volunteers during their stay in Patagonia
- organizing the language exchange program among locals and international volunteers
- searching for new volunteers and regular members for MAPU
- promoting the Patagonia Volunteer project, etc.

Regarding the contact with host organizations, the activities include:

- following-up host organizations which are currently working with international volunteers
- organizing workshops and preparation for host organizations which have never worked with volunteers and require some previous orientation
- search of and contact with new host organizations, etc.

General Activities: coordination of the community of the MAPU Association website, search, follow-up and contact with local host families, etc.

For this volunteering placement you need to be flexible, proactive, creative, sociable and self-sufficient when developing activities. You need to have good command of the Office package (Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and Word), of Internet and of the general workings of the computer, at user level. There are no specific requisites regarding studies and/or previous experience. Also, you need Advanced level of Spanish and English or German.

To perform your volunteer work, you would need to pay a fee of 250 € to the MAPU Association. This amount includes your annual membership fee to MAPU Association (50€) and your one time volunteer placement organization fee (200€). Through your annual membership fee, which you will decide whether you renew the following year, and the payment of the organization of your volunteer placement, you will not only contribute to finance the MAPU Association projects, but you will also be able to keep volunteering, as a member of MAPU, in every available project in Patagonia which fits your profile without having to pay the volunteer fee again. Also, you will get help organizing your trip, finding an accommodation at a reasonable local price with a local host family and all the support you may need for this experience.

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